Trevor Stinecipher

My name is Trevor Stinecipher and I am a community member in the process of being hired by the Clovis Unified School District Child Development Department. I am writing this email to commend your work for advocating for Faculty Senate and CUBS. As a long time Clovis family, we have had three generations working and studying within Clovis Unified and we hope to have the pattern continue. If Clovis Unified becomes a unionized district then the district will change for the worse for the students. Unions typically start with good intentions, but they never end up that way. Furthermore, Unions tend to focus more upon the teachers success rather than the number one priority, the success of students. My Grandmother, my Mother, my Aunts, and my Cousins, and myself who all work for Clovis Unified stand strong against unions in our great district we can’t afford to be unionized without causing some form of suffering among our families and students. My father is forced to be a member of the FTA and in turn the CTA. They get paid to do nothing for their employees. I want to ensure the excellence in CUSD by continuing the legacy of Doc B. and continue to #neverunionize. 

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