Stacy Graves

I am so proud to work for Clovis Unified School District.  I have been in education for 10 years and I have experienced the tremendous support of amazing administrators.  I have experienced an open-door policy with all my principals.  As a result of that mutual trust and unconditional support, I have worked with teams who have done incredible things for kids and this community. 

When I have an idea, I burst into my principal’s office and share.  Together, we come up with ways to implement new things continuously thinking outside the box supporting ALL learners. 

I feel heard in this district and I feel liberated to know that I can talk to my administrators about any concerns/reflections/ideas at any time.  We consistently do what’s best for kids and this community.  There have been challenges and difficult times but together we have grown.

I found my take home pay to be comparable in Clovis Unified to my previous union district.  On paper it appeared as though I would make less in Clovis Unified; however, I found that deductions such as union dues and substantially higher medical benefits made my take home pay comparable. 

I am confident in the work of Faculty Senate and I trust the tradition and history of this great district to continue to provide a first-class education and working environment for all employees and students.

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