Ron Webb

I’ve been in both types of school districts. When I lived in Nevada, I was actually the lead negotiator for the teachers union. One thing I can tell you is that the effectiveness of the union representation totally depends upon the focus of its leadership. Just being unionized doesn’t mean things will change. In most cases, more restrictions will occur in the compromise process. The union will push local representatives for certain concessions. By the way, the union will not be going to the table for teachers. They will advise those district employees elected by their fellow employees. How do I know this, I lived it in Nevada. Unreasonable demands, smear campaigns, and pitting employees against administrators by local union leaders in the negotiations processrarely end well. In the give-and-take process, there is generally more give than take. All you have to do is look at the news today and you will realize there is not a lot of sympathy for teachers who demand unreasonable things at the expense of their children.Most of all, the strained relationship between teachers and administrators will forever change the face of Clovis unified school District.Personally, I prefer a collegial relationship with administrators that leads to a valued and respected relationship.

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