Molly Keeslar

I think it would be very eye opening for people to see a real-life cost comparison of a medical procedure/surgery/child birth in Clovis Unified vs. Central/Fresno. I used to teach in Central and I had a shared cost of 30% each time I had a child! I was paying on those bills for a very long time. If someone needs a surgery or has an accident, the costs that teachers would be responsible for may be astronomical. I know that it’s easy for people to ignore those things until it actually applies to them, but I think if they saw the shared cost difference it may make an impact and lasting impression. We are VERY fortunate to have the health coverage and health clinic that we have. Just a thought, as this is the conversation I find myself sharing with people that I speak to at my site about how a union may affect us.

Thank you for all your efforts,
Molly Keeslar
Dry Creek Elementary

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