Julie Jackson

Thank you for all that you do as Faculty Senate Board members, I know this year has been especially challenging for you all.  Just wanted to let you know that I strongly support Faculty Senate and strongly oppose unionization.  We have a good thing here in Clovis, I just wish everyone could step back for a moment and realize what we have.  I have been in CUSD since I was 5 years old, started as a Dry Creek Blue Devil back in the day and have spent 27 years teaching in the district, so adding up the years, I have spent the better part of my 49 years of age in CUSD . . . I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

The Clovis culture is one of a kind; something I cannot explain to outsiders.  It is disappointing to see colleagues trying to destroy that culture which has remained intact (for the most part) for decades.

Have a great weekend, ladies, fingers crossed that majority of our teachers will see the light and remember why they signed a contract with Clovis and not somewhere else in this valley!

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Ron Webb