ECC Update 4/7

During their meeting on April 7, the more than 40-members of the Employee Compensation Committee (ECC) continued their work to develop a recommendation for a one-time, off-schedule compensation adjustment for all employees.  The ECC is working first to identify a recommendation for this one-time adjustment, and will then continue their annual work to look at the potential for on-going salary schedule adjustments and other compensation priorities for the District’s employees, both certificated and classified. 

After an update on the work of the CARES Act Committee of employees who are developing priorities and evaluating needs to be met through use of state and federal CARES Act funds, Associate Superintendent of Administrative Services Michael Johnston also shared news that because of the impact of the pandemic the cost of the district has been notified that its unemployment insurance costs are being increased from .05% to 1.23%. This increase in costs for 2021-22 and possibly longer means that the district will have to cover an unexpected increase in costs from about $150,000 to more than $3.8 million each year.

A discussion ensued among members of ECC on possible amounts of a one-time compensation adjustment that would acknowledge the over and above effort required by all employees to meet the demands of the pandemic. After discussing possible options and the relative impact of these amounts on the overall budget and the identified needs already under consideration by the CARES Act Committee, members voted on a recommendation that will now be carried by the Administration to the Governing Board for consideration at their April 21 meeting.

The Employee Compensation Committee (ECC) is made up of employees representing Faculty Senate, Classified Unit Business Support Senate (CUBSS) and Chapter 250 of the California School Employees Association (CSEA), along with members of the District’s management team. Since 2009, ECC has annually dived into the details of the Governor’s January budget proposal and its impact on the District’s budget; and raised, considered and developed recommendations related to compensation items ranging from one-time and on-going salary schedule adjustments, to substitute pay, stipends, longevity and other salary-related items.  

Each spring, their work culminates with recommendations (usually for compensation increases but, in times of budget cuts, sometimes to hold salary schedules steady) to the Administration and Governing Board.

Details of the recommendation, including the recommended amount on which the Governing Board will be asked to take action at their April 21 meeting, will be communicated to employees after the ECC’s next meeting on April 20 in a joint message from Superintendent O’Farrell and Faculty Senate, CUBSS and CSEA’s leadership.

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