Chris Hansen

As a 30 plus year employee of Clovis Unified, I am frustrated by the people that are promoting the false
promises that a union will provide a better system of support than we currently have. I have always felt
that I had the ability to have open and honest communication with all administrators that I have worked
with and believe me I always speak my mind. The thought of having this district controlled by a union is
very concerning. The people that are promoting this are not thinking about what is best for kids- they
are only thinking of themselves and what is best for their own individual agendas. The people that are
currently serving on faculty senate and are supposed to be representing teachers but are promoting the
union should step down from their faculty senate position. They do not represent me; I do not want a
union controlling Clovis Unified. Please don’t insult me and say that you are thinking about what is
best for our district, you are representing yourself
. Being on faculty senate while promoting a union is
a conflict of interest for our district.

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