Mission Statement

We are better together! We intend to adhere to our history. We will ALWAYS work TOGETHER to fight for the rights of our students. When we collectively do what is best for ALL kids, the rest works itself out. We agree with Doc “we think education revolves around teamwork and trust.” We pursue this mission with the very best partners….our students, teachers, administrators, and the entire Clovis Community.

Ryan Smith

My name is Ryan Smith, I went through Garfield-Alta Sierra-Buchanan. My family moved away from Clovis in 4th grade and were given a decision to move anywhere in California a few years later. My parents without hesitation decided Clovis because of the school district. I feel a deep connection to Clovis and have two kids of my own that will attend Clovis schools. I wanted to create this site as a way to fight for the Clovis way of life. I wholeheartedly believe that a union will change the core of not only our school district but our community. I have taught in districts that have unions. I appreciate the people and experiences from those districts but there is something different about Clovis. I believe a big part of that is we are not union. I understand some of our colleagues believe they are acting in the best interest of the district and our students but I respectfully disagree. This website is for those who are pro faculty senate and want to fight to preserve the Clovis way of life by standing in opposition to a union forming. Please reach out with any questions or concerns and we will continue to update the website with happenings from the Faculty Senate, Employees Compensation Committee, Employees Benefits Committee or any other important developments that may impact your decision by voting NO to form a union when the time comes. 

Joni Sumter

My connection with Clovis Unified School District is not by chance alone.  My name is Joni Sumter and for 12 years I was a student in Clovis schools.  I began my tenure at Dry Creek Elementary School.  As a Blue Devil, yes, we were the Blue Devils in 1977, I first experienced the power of the competitive spirit.  I particularly remember the stuffed Tasmanian devil that was won by the classroom with the highest performance each month.  The performance highlighted factors that supported excellence in MIND, BODY, & SPIRIT.  The excitement and school spirit that was shared by all kids at Dry Creek was palpable at the rally when the stuffed prize was awarded.  I had never felt that type of excitement, but knew it made me want to win that prize the next month.  Doc was on to something; there was no denying the instinct that competition elicits.  The person I am today has everything to do with my journey in CUSD.  I remember the opening of Mickey Cox, where my name sits in the vault created when the school opened, the interesting years spent at Clark, and the finale at Clovis High, graduating in 1991.  I could write a book detailing the opportunities I was blessed with as a student in Clovis Unified.  The memories that hold a special place in my mind include moments I was able to hear Doc himself talk about kids.  In a Clovis High rally, before watching him spike the football in front of a screaming crowd of high schoolers, Doc talked to me.  I was just a single student waiting for the rally to begin, but he talked about the game and how important it was for kids to be involved. He talked about kids, us.  He cared about each one of us. He ended the rally with words of wisdom…”Sic ‘em!”  Those words still motivate me today, and I know who to call to hear them right before I head into a difficult situation.  I call my sister, another graduate of Clovis Unified, who is a fellow employee of this district.  After graduating from high school, I decided teaching was a better option for me than medical school.  I never even contemplated working for anyone other than CUSD.  I went straight to the Clovis High School office and was hired to teach science.  That was 24 years ago.  The traditions of my school go beyond those of us who work here.  The values and expectations in our district supersede our temporary status as employees, students, or community members.  This district is a special place because of the values upon which it was founded.  We are different because we are DIFFERENT.  We were built to be a team.  WE ARE better together, but not because the words that are spoken, but rather because of the actions of our team members.  Our relationships exist for one undeniably extraordinary reason, we all want to pursue what is best for our kids.  When THIS remains our goal, it simplifies what we do each day.  When the time came to make choices for my own family and children, there was no doubt in my mind that my children would attend Clovis Unified.  This is the strongest testament of my belief in the great things our district does for children.  I have put what matters most to me in the hands of those that believe in what Doc started so many years ago.  As an alumna, teacher, community member, and parent I have been on every side of the Clovis team.  At no point in the last 43 years of my involvement in CUSD would a union have improved what our team accomplishes together.  In fact, the conflict that comes with union involvement will indisputably disrupt our efforts to work together toward our goals of ‘doing what is best for OUR kids.’  I am not unique in my history.  So many who have experienced the blessing of being a product of OUR district come back to serve as employees of this great place.  Why is that?  Additionally, many employees of our district wouldn’t even consider NOT sending their kids to a Clovis school.  Why is that?  How is it we can schedule dinner after dinner to fundraise for our extracurricular programs and people keep showing up and donating their time and money?  Why do teachers in Clovis choose to spend so much of their time and resources doing what they do when there are neighboring districts that require so much less of them with job openings?  What is different about Clovis Unified?  The answer is simple.  There is a great deal of competition in our district to be the very best, but at the end of the day we are ALL on the same team.  Teachers, Administration, Custodians, Secretaries, Campus Catering, Community Families, Community Businesses, Clovis Police collectively are the village it takes to raise our families.  These relationships survive on trust and common purpose.  

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