We Are Better Together

Learn more about what makes Clovis unique and show your support for Faculty Senate and keeping unions out of Clovis

Why we’re here

This site was built with the support of certificated teachers from across the district; elementary to high school in response to a growing concern that some of our colleagues have been building support for a union. We want to be transparent and honest with all of our colleagues. We know what a union can do to our district and that is one of the shared concerns that unites us. The other, is a shared belief that the Faculty Senate can be just as powerful and more beneficial to all teachers than a union. We believe it is our task to ensure we have a strong voice in the Faculty Senate to make sure we preserve what it means to work at a Clovis Unified school; not only for teachers but students as well.


About Faculty Senate

Our faculty senators are teachers nominated and voted on by their colleagues at each school site. They are here to listen to our concerns and be our voice with administration. Their doors are always open to hear your concerns and voice your opinions. This has been our de facto union. These teachers have been effective for a long time in our district but just like any governing body changes are necessary from time to time. Our faculty senate is currently making some important improvements to ensure Clovis Unified stays Clovis Unified. Visit the homepage for updates as they happen.

About Unions

Learn about how they are formed, how compensation compares to other neighboring districts and how we believe it will negatively affect Clovis Unified.

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